Sunday, November 2

Someone, please, take the wheel...

I drove down to and up from Austin today for a short scenic visit. It is actually not a bad drive - a straight-shot on I-35 for three hours one-way. And I enjoy driving long distances by myself. Maybe not a cross-country solo trip, but short long distances I can handle. It's a fun opportunity to turn up the music REALLY loud and sing-along REALLY loud without worrying about the comfort of passengers.

Anyways. As I am drive to Austin this morning, I notice a woman behind me. She is driving an X-terra and I can see that she is hunched over the top of her steering wheel, her hands together in front of her. But what does she have in her hands? A phone. And what is she doing with said phone? Texting. That's right. This lady is going 80 mph down I-35 (which is full of semis), using her forearms to steer her SUV while she is playing on her phone. She even had a passenger in the front seat. And I could see that she would slowly start veering to the right until she had completely changed lanes - whether on purpose or because she was too preoccupied with her phone, I don't know.

At any rate, the absurdity of this woman driver was incredible! Let this be a lesson to us all: When you are going that fast down a busy freeway, PLEASE put the phone down and keep at least one hand on the wheel! For all of our sakes, take the wheel and save the texting for later.

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