Tuesday, November 25

Blogging: A Defense...

So this is for Ryan, who today at work told me that he thought blogging was "silly." Not that I am going to compose a dissertation or anything, but I thought I would try to defend the world of blogging...or at least as far as it applies to me and my blog!

First, Ryan, you're right: blogging is silly! However, what hobby or pastime worth doing is ever not just a little bit silly? Pottery? World of Warcraft? Knitting? Golf? Are these not all kind of silly when you think about it? I think the silly part is what makes it appealing. If everything was too serious all the time, I doubt we would stick with half of the things we do in our downtime. I believe there has to be an element of the absurd in order for some things to be enjoyable.

Second, blogging is a creative outlet for those of us who are not usually the creative type. I don't do crafty things like design floral arrangements or sew curtains. I don't scrapbook or have really cute handwriting. My craftiness only extends to formatting Adobe InDesign documents. So, in blogging I have a way to be somewhat creative...with words. My posts aren't day-to-day happenings of who wronged me or of why I chose to wear a particular pair of earrings. And neither are they deep, philosophical rantings on the injustices of our society. I prefer to write about my random thoughts and observations. And while I don't know if anyone finds any of my ramblings creative or even entertaining, I am certainly enjoying writing them.

And thirdly, blogging is cathartic and therapeutic. Some of my posts have been more personal in nature, maybe even a little dark and revealing, but I find that I feel better after writing them. It's as if just knowing that my insecurities and frustrations are floating out there in the universe makes everything that much more bearable. Does that make sense? Probably not. Anyways, blogging is soothing.

I'm sure other bloggers have other reasons for blogging, but for me, these are my reasons. And I don't really blog for other people. I do get excited when I know I have "followers" and when readers leave comments, but more than anything, I blog for myself. So, yes, Ryan, blogging is silly, but it's also tons of fun. And don't you agree that we all need a healthy dose of fun to make it through the day?

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  1. I agree wholeheartedly Katie. :)

    For me, I'm glad you do blog, because it's a way for me to keep up with your life and stay in touch with you. Because let's face it, we don't do too well at that without the blogs.