Saturday, October 4

No, you may NOT start a fitting room for me...

After running some errands today, I decided I would do a little wishful shopping at my favorite store of all time, Anthropologie. I will admit that I have a weakness for Anthro - everything in the store is just so darn cute. I guess it's a good thing that more than half of the clothes would never fit me or even look good on me, so no worries about that. However, that still leaves the other half of the store. Namely purses, pants and pottery. Sometimes I think I have a problem...

Anyways! I was walking around the store, pulling things off of the rack, and after awhile I had a pretty big pile of clothes hanging on my arm. The great little Anthro salesperson comes up to me and asks that magic question: "Can I start a fitting room for you?" Of course I say yes, hand over my clothes and continue browsing. This happened about three or four more times, and each time I gave the cute little lady a huge stack of clothes to put in the dressing room that she had so graciously started for me.

When I finally made it all the way around the store and into the dressing room, to my astonishment, I had a dressing room stuffed full of clothes! How did that happen?! That's when I realized something....

When you are browsing in a clothing store, piling items up on your arm, you know that it is time to stop browsing and start actually trying on the clothes when you can no longer hold your arm up straight due to the weight of the merchandise draped there. But when you have perky little salespeople constantly taking your clothes from you, you lose track of how many items you have for potential purchase. And then when you finally get to your ready-made dressing room, you try on all the cute clothes and of course want to buy them all, darn the cost! Sneaky little salespeople....

So from now on, a message to all those overly helpful, peppy salespeople: No, I do not want you to start a dressing room for me. When you see me struggling under the weight of my own stupidity, please do not offer to take my load from me. By being forced to carry my own items to the back, I just might come to realize that I do not in fact need to purchase one of everything in the store...because it's just too darn heavy.

(Name that Movie: "These darn keys are heavy!")


  1. SO did you buy anything? I love that store too...namely all the house decor!

  2. Magen - of course I ended up buying something! I can never walk into Anthro without making at least one purchase ($100 later...).

  3. Ding, ding, ding! That is correct, worldinarms! Your prize is....the satisfaction of knowing that you too can quote Disney movies! :)