Wednesday, October 1

The Most Stressful Thing...

I have now figured out what the most stressful thing in life is: applying.

No, not "applying yourself."

I mean, applying to/for something. Applying for a scholarship. Applying to an internship/job. Applying for a promotion.

And the worst type of applying? Applying to school. The stress is almost too much.

What if something is missing from my transcripts? What if my application fee doesn't go through? What if my grades aren't good enough? What if they don't like my essays? What if I missed a spelling error in my essays? What if they don't like me?!?!

Can they reject you because they don't like the way you spell your first name?

Seriously. It's driving me crazy. And to think that I have to wait until November to find out if there is any substance to my present worries.

The situation calls for a Grrr and an Argh.

So.... Grrr. Argh.


  1. Of course there is no substance to your worries.

    What kind of program are you trying to get into? I know English teaching of some sort. How long is the program?

  2. I applied to the Liberal Arts, Department of English program at UT Austin. I would also be taking teacher prep courses. I'm hoping that I can be done in one and a half to two years. I'll definitely let you know what happens....yikes! It makes me nervous!