Saturday, May 26

Seamus rocks my world...

Last night was the CD release party for my brother-in-law's band, Seamus (say shay-mus)! The album (titled loverewardfear) was recorded and produced entirely by my brother-in-law, the incredibly talented Art, in his basement!

The first time I heard Seamus play was at a 2006 New Year's Eve Party that my sister, Jen, and Art had at their house. I was impressed then, and they've only gotten better. They play at local venues and bars in Salt Lake City (my personal favorite is Kilby Court - it's literally a garage!) and have been working on this album for more than six months.

I consider myself a fine connoisseur of music, and let me tell you - their album is amazing! It has been a labor of love (and blood, sweat and tears, I'm sure) to produce, but they finally finished it! Art plays guitar - he's the one rocking out (I think the proper term is "shredding") behind the vocals.

Songs will be available soon for download on their MySpace page. My personal favorites: track 3: I Don't Mind; track 5: Cannot Say No; and track 9: Away. Check it out! They are awesome!

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