Thursday, November 28

Full of Thanks

I have started and stopped about a dozen different posts in the past few months. An idea forms in my head of a thought or experience to write about... and then I usually end up falling asleep before the idea even has a chance for publication.

However, seeing as how it's Thanksgiving and everything, I thought I should at least try to write something without abandoning it mid-post.

I am full of thanks today for my marriage. I think I was given sufficient fair warning that marriage is hard. But no amount of advice or words of wisdom can truly prepare you for an experience. You have to live it for yourself to understand the cold hard truth: MARRIAGE IS HARD. Harder than Philmont, harder than a mission, harder than Crossfit, harder than Ragnar, harder than teaching high school. Harder even than all those things combined. But on the other side of this cold hard truth is the beautiful eternal truth: MARRIAGE IS WORTH IT. I love Mitchell "with so much of my heart that there is none left to protest." I know I frustrate him just as much as he frustrates me. I know we both have a lot of learning and growing and improving to do. But I also know that as long as we are learning and growing and improving together, it will all be okay. I am thankful for him and our eternity together.

I am full of thanks today for family. We are spending the holiday with Mitchell's family in Oklahoma City. I have some pretty great in-laws. They are good, kind people, quick with a joke, always ready to offer you a glass of lemonade and not afraid to share political opinions (Grandma Ryan had a few shockers last night!). I am thankful to feel welcomed by such loving and caring people. And as this is one of my first holidays away from my family, I am feeling extra grateful for my wonderful parents and brothers and sisters. As much as I love married life, I miss living at home and having mom a yell-down-the-stairs away. Marriage is worth it only because family is worth everything.

I am full of thanks today for tender mercies. I went to a movie on Tuesday by myself as a much needed reward for cleaning the house for two days straight. As the credits started rolling and the theater lights came up, who do I see but my favorite teacher friend, there with her two daughters. We laughed at the coincidence of being at the same movie at the same time and not even knowing it, but I knew it was a small blessings from heaven. We chatted excitedly as we exited the theater, and when we realized there was much more to discuss than a simple hi/bye, we ducked into the Cheesecake Factory so her girls could get a treat while we talked. I was able to share with her a few stories that I had been holding in from the previous week, releasing a weight off my shoulders that I didn't know I had been carrying. This friend has been a constant confidante and counselor for me, both personally and professionally, for the past two and half years, and I am grateful for our "chance" meeting at the movies that day.

I am full of thanks today for all my blessings. They are many and I am humbled by the greatness of Heavenly Father in giving me so much when I feel so undeserving. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours - may your day be full of love from family and friends and lots of scrumptious food!

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