Tuesday, January 1

Goodbye (2012) / Hello (2013)

Oh. My. Life.

Is it seriously 2013? In some ways I am amazed that I survived last year.  To say the very least, 2012 was extremely emotional.  Events are so firmly ingrained in my memory, I can still remember details of specific hours and days.  To begin a year with the death of loved one definitely sets a tone, and not a very hopeful one.  With almost a year since Z's passing, I have gained a perspective and understanding that can only come from above.  I have seen prayers answered and blessings received, true miracles that have strengthened my testimony of the gospel and my Savior.

After finishing my first year of teaching (another miracle!), I had a wonderful summer of traveling (Portland, Utah, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Portland, Maryland, New York City, Portland) and doing as little as possible.  I also made one of the greatest discoveries of my life: Crossfit.  I have tried gym memberships and working out on my own, but nothing has been as effective (and fun!) as Crossfit.  There are still lots of things that I am working on (double unders, handstand pushups, toes to bar), but considering where I started (a 3-inch box jump), I am proud of my accomplishments and excited for more Crossfit awesomeness and insanity in 2013.

Speaking of physical accomplishments, I also completed three 5ks, one mud run, and my second Ragnar Relay. Go me.

School year #2 started fast and furious in August.  Both easier and harder than the first year, I am loving my school, my students and my fellow teachers.  Being responsible for six different classes (English and Spanish) is not a cake walk, but I like to think that I am doing the best I can.

One of the best highlights of 2012 was witnessing not one, not two, but three sealing ceremonies of three of my most favorite people in the world.  First, my brother Jason to his beautiful bride Heather in May in Portland.  Second, my bff Joanna's marriage to her perfect match Chris in August, also in Portland.  And last, my very good friend Michelle to the awesome Parker in November in Dallas.  So, so happy for these family and friends.  

The end of 2012 was made extra special with the addition of someone special to my life.  We've had lots of fun spending time together and getting to know each other better.  While we are actually quite opposite (I'm musical and serious, he's athletic and funny; I love movies, he hates them; I listen to music with lyrics, he listens to music with electronic beats), we get along just fine.  I loved spending Thanksgiving and Christmas and now New Year's with him, and I think 2013 will bring even more fun memories.

So, goodbye, 2012.  You were a year marked by deep sorrow, but also great joy.  I am grateful for the lessons learned and the memories made.

And, hello, 2013.  Can't wait to see what you have in store.

Happy New Year to you and yours.  Much love.

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  1. Katie! You look absolutely stunning in that picture with you wearing pearls! Just stunning. :)