Tuesday, November 6

give thanks, day 6

6 things.

i am grateful for falling asleep almost as soon as my head hits the pillow.  there was a time when falling asleep took hours and hours, usually spent with mindless list-making and sheep-counting and tossing and turning.  nowadays, though, i almost instantly zonk out.  to be honest, the zonking out starts during my nightly prayer... which i'm sure in some ways is going to count against me.  but i think the fact that i'm making an effort to be more consistent with my personal prayers has to earn me at least some spirit points, right?

i am grateful that i was taught (and have learned for myself) the value of education. today in one my english classes (i teach 4 of them), we began discussing an excerpt henry david thoreau's walden.  i posed a seemingly innocent question to the class, and what resulted was a near 20-minute discussion on a topic completely unrelated to my original question (it was one of those uber-tangential conversations that i was loathe to halt because they were actually talking for once!).  their topic of discussion just so happened to be on education, and the general consensus from my young pupils was that school is dumb and pointless, that they haven't learned anything new since 7th grade, that by the age of 16 they know everything they need to know, and that they shouldn't be made to go to school after that age. when i finally put an end to the comments, i told them that i respected their differing opinions,  but i respectfully disagreed with almost everything they had just said.  on the outside i was pleasant and smiling, but on the inside i was crying for them.  i wish i could help them understand and internalize the importance of education, the importance of giving yourself options for the future.  i wish they would have the self-motivation to recognize that there is always something new to learn, no matter what the situation.  while i loved that fact that so many of them were talking and voicing their opinion, it broke my heart that this is what they believe at this point in their life.  for myself, i am grateful that i was taught from a very young age that a good education is everything.  i just hope that by the end of the year, some of my students will see things differently.

i am grateful for the right to vote.  i love this country.  we are so awesome.

i am grateful for wods.  today's workout of the day felt good.  i'm pretty sure my quads will be non-functional tomorrow, but that's okay.  always love a good wod at the box.

i am grateful for acoustic versions of my favorite songs.  listen to exhibit a, exhibit b, and exhibit c. i rest my case.

i am grateful for my bestie.  love you, gpn.  thanks for understanding about tonight.  you're the best.

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