Saturday, October 27

i didn't like this week.

i didn't like this past week.

it wasn't a bad week, nothing horrible happened. i just didn't like it. everything felt off at school. i could never get ahead of grading and planning. i made it to a whopping one crossfit wod.  my brilliant plans to get back on paleo failed miserably. i stepped on the cat (true story). a good night's sleep still eludes me. i was reminded, yet again, that i am far from perfect.

but again, not a bad week. just a weird week. an off week.  and i didn't like it very much. definitely not my favorite.

however! a few things from this past week that made me smile....
  • tuesday night date with my bestie. 
  • mom came home after being gone for 2.5 weeks.
  • carrie underwood concert with tmac (thanks for the invitation... had a blast!).
  • asking for and receiving forgiveness from my favorite. 
  • my commute to and from work is 15 min, against traffic.
  • telephone call from brother jason.
  • shiver, by coldplay. brings me back to senior year. good times. 
  • english teacher humor: "move your AS!"
  • annotating literary texts. i know, i know. i'm a bit of a nerd. 
  • the week is finally over and i get to start fresh on monday. 

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