Wednesday, July 18


while in portland last week, i somehow lost my phone between the plane and the train at the airport. after many attempts and pleas for it to be located and safely returned, i accepted the fact that it was gone.

ugh.  not having a phone caused a surprising amount of stress and anxiety.  and, apparently, anger.

i'm mad that it fell out of my purse and i didn't notice it. i'm mad that someone picked it up and instead of doing the honest thing and turning it, they kept it. i'm mad that i just paid $600 to get a new phone and 2-year contract. i'm mad that i lost almost 5 months of text messages. i'm mad that only after 6 days i feel completely disconnected from the world.

but anyways.  if you have tried to call or text me in the past week, i apologize. i was temporarily incommunicado. hopefully, it will never happen again.

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