Monday, June 11

day camp

i love little kids.  i really do.  i want nothing more than to be a mom and have a bunch of chilluns running around the house.

but there is a reason i teach high school, and not middle school or elementary school.

i volunteered for our church's cub scout day camp today. i obviously don't have a little cubbie of my own, but i figured since i'm just kind of hanging out these days, i might as well be of service to someone.

when i arrived this morning, i was assigned a "teaching" position in the gym.  playing basketball.

"so, what do you want me to do with them?"
"oh, you know.  just teach them the rules of the game."

right.  the rules of the game.  for a split second i considered googling "how to play basketball," but then i realized that trying to organize a game with 20 little cubbies would be utter chaos.  i found some orange cones and quickly came up with a little dribbling drill and a passing game.

and then the cubbies showed up.  for the next 6 hours, i had anywhere between 25 and 40 7-10 year-old boys.  we had 10 useable basketballs, so with my best extra-loud teacher voice, i ran them through dribbling, passing and shooting games.

the boys were bouncing off the walls, sometimes quite literally.  i don't think you could have even called it organized chaos, but even with the chaos, it sure was fun.  however, i completely lost my voice, i took a 3-hour nap when i got home, and i still can't really feel my feet.

like i said, i love little kids.  but there is a reason i teach high school.

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