Wednesday, June 6

correspondence 5

dear students,
thanks for a great year.  shall we do it again?  say, august?

dear summer vacation,
waking up at 10am, wearing as little makeup as possible, doing whatever i want during the day, staying up as late as i want at night... i kind of love you.

dear redheads,
y'all are too cute.  so glad you found each other and decided to spend eternity together.  full wedding details coming soon.

dear summer reading,
i have big plans for you.  my goal is a book a week, but that might be a little too ambitious.  harry potter 6 & 7 are first on the list.  and the possibilities are endless after that.  can't wait.

dear texas heat,
call me crazy, but i love you.

dear sidewalk sandwiches,
i realize that everyone else in the world calls you "ice cream sandwiches," but i don't care.  you're delicious and you taste like summer. 

dear ragnar relay wasatch back,
oh goodness. you're next week, right?  it's been a rough six months and training did not exactly go according to plan.  please be kind to me.  

dear ray bradbury,
thank you for penning such a literary masterpiece.  it is now one of my favorite novels and i don't think i'll ever get tired of teaching it.  so sad that you are gone, but you will live on through the wonderful words and worlds you left behind.

this song and this song are currently playing on repeat.  thank you for adding so much musical joy to my life.

dear z,
you've been gone for 6 months.  it's still hard to believe sometimes, but i think the peace is finally coming.  i'm able to talk about you without feeling that stabbing pain in my chest.  i sometimes wonder what you would be doing right now if you were still with us and i smile.  but then i think about what you are doing right now in heaven and i smile even wider.  i'll be in utah next week and i'm looking forward to visiting your memorial.  miss you, bud.  love you always.

much love,

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