Saturday, March 24

correspondence 3

dear central market,
i have this secret desire to be able to walk into your cafe and say "the usual," and the person behind the counter will know that i want a veggie burger (no sprouts or pickles) and sweet potato fries.  a girl can dream, right?

dear central market flowers,
you make my heart happy.

dear texas blue skies,
you were so beautiful yesterday, and it looks like you are making a return appearance today.  please stay.  forever.

dear driver of the red truck who honked at me yesterday as i was running,
i'm flattered, really, but i think we both know i look absolutely ridiculous when i run.  give me a couple of months and then you'll really have something to honk at.

dear fringe,
i'm so glad you're back.  please never go away.

dear bailey baby,
i'm having trouble sleeping, what with you crawling all over me and sitting on my face.  please go away.

dear sleeping-in until 9am on a saturday,
i love you.

dear ms. perry,
still not sure how i feel about you (the blue hair, seriously?), but your new single is currently playing on repeat.  love it.

dear fun.,
i don't know how i feel about you, either, but your music sure does provide excellent running beats.  love it.

dear short hair,
i realize that i will probably be taking all of this back in about 2 months, but i've decided to grow you out. after looking at old family photos and the incredibly short (and awkward) hair i had in the late 80s, and then again in the late 90s, i think it's time to try something different.  please don't be mad at me.  more than likely, i'll see you again, soon.

dear z,
i finally mustered up the courage to run past your house yesterday.  for the past few months i've been purposefully avoiding my usual 3.5 mile loop to the elementary school and back because it takes me right past your house.  i used to love running that route, just for the casual glance down the street to see your truck in the driveway.  but now, your truck is gone, your family is gone, and so are you.  miss you, but i'm starting to move again.  and it feels good.

much love,

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