Sunday, December 11


random thoughts:

i didn't get a lot of sleep at the end of last week, and my efforts to play catch-up this weekend have failed miserably.  on top of the exhaustion, i seem to have developed a twitch just under my left eye.  it's been going non-stop since thursday.  true story.  i'm beginning to worry.

i'm excited for this next week.  mainly because it's the last week before christmas break.  also because i'm going to have my students make snowflakes to decorate my room.  and i think i've almost figured out how to justify reading/watching how the grinch stole christmas in a high school-level english class.

in five short days... freedom for two whole weeks!  so ready for a break from work and so ready to spend quality time with family and friends.

lots of changes coming in the next few weeks and i'm looking forward to having time to just sit and think, plan and ponder, organize and make decisions.

i love my job.  i love my family.  i love my friends.  i love my savior.  i love my life.

i love the christmas season.

i love my sleep.  goodnight.

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