Monday, November 14

oh, how things change.

last week was kind of rough.  correction, it was really rough.  senior presentations and semester exams kicked my trash and left me more exhausted than i have ever felt before in my life.  as a tribute to my stellar social life, i was in bed by 8 on friday night, with lights out by 10.

saturday, however, was actually a wonderful day.  i went for a morning run, spent some time at the temple, did a little dream shopping at anthro, and ended the night with a pizza and the byu game. yet another tribute: i fell asleep on the couch during the 3rd quarter, finally dragging myself upstairs to bed at around midnight.

sunday was a spectacular day.  i went to nine hours straight of church meetings and church-related activities.  i work with the young women in my ward and they sang two beautiful musical numbers during the first hour of meetings.  i was able to visit with friends i haven't seen for weeks.   and then, to top off an already fabulous day, elf was on tv last night.  i laughed.  a lot.

so i started today in a pretty good mood.  but, oh, how things change.  one thing lead to many things.  one minor upset became three major problems.  one hour of boring work turned into six hours of tedious, mind-numbing work.  when i finally left school at 7pm (for those of you keeping track at home, that's a 12-hour work day), i was in an extremely foul mood.

dinner tonight was a bowl of sherbet.  and now i'm watching the holiday, feeling absolutely crummy about life.  and i still have another four hours of lesson planning to do before tomorrow.

but then.... a phone call from a friend.

still watching the holiday.  still have another four hours of lesson planning.  but not feeling so crummy about life anymore.

oh, how things change.

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