Wednesday, October 26

hug it out (lovesick, pt. 2)

i like hugs.  they're my favorite.

at school there have been a number of new-couple alerts.  as teachers we try to quash any physical contact beyond hand-holding, but there seems to be nothing we can do about the lightening-quick hugs that these couples give each other as they say goodbye for a whole 50-minutes.  i realize that the separation must be excruciating, but 7+ hugs a day seems a little excessive for a high school romance.

but then again... maybe these teens are on to something.

there is nothing quite like receiving a big, full, tight, 2-armed hug from someone you care about.  a hug where you just kind of hold the other person for a couple of beats.  a hug where the squeeze of the hugger is directly proportional to how much they love and care for the huggee.

i think in general we need to hug each other more.

a hug means you're my friend.  a hug means you make me happy.  a hug means i'm concerned.  a hug means i missed you.  a hug means i'm sorry.  a hug means i forgive you.  a hug means i'm scared.  a hug means i'll protect you.  a hug means thank you.  a hug means anytime.  a hug means i'm worried.  a hug means i care.  a hug means i think you're great.  a hug means i like you.  a hug means i love you.

a hug means everything we can't say in words, especially when we have no words.

so give a special someone in your life a hug.  don't explain why, just hug them.  they'll know exactly what you mean.


  1. I wouldn't worry about hugs! At CP we had makeout sessions going on in the hallway. Hugs-I like and approve of, makeout sessions- not so much. I see what you mean with the 7+ hugs a day though. All of this hug talk makes me want a hug. Wanna fly to Lexington, KY and give me a hug? lol