Monday, August 22

this could be the semester...

the summer is officially over.  it's the night before the first day of school.  and i'm feeling a little jittery.

i think my life will always be organized by school semesters.  it's how i've measured time for the better part of 2 decades.

part of me wants to throw up.  another part of me wants to curl into a ball and cry.  and there's another part of me that is telling the other parts to cowgirl up and git 'er done.

i had meant for this post to be a longer reflection about the long and unexpected journey that has led me to this exact moment in my life.  it was going to be so deep and moving.  seriously, you probably would have cried.

but it's almost 10:00pm.  first period starts at 8:25 am.  this girl has got to get her behind into bed.

because guess what?  i'm the teacher.  i kind of have to be there before everyone else.

wish me luck.  say a little prayer for me.  and most all, think of the children.  they have no idea how much fun this going to be.

and in the immortal words of mary randall: "this could be the semester."


  1. LOVE the "you probably would have cried" good luck! knock em dead! Or . . . well, you can't do that but ya know, have fun!

  2. My mom says "Tell Katie I love her and miss her and she'll do great. And YES - THIS COULD BE THE SEMESTER."

    I love you and miss you.