Wednesday, July 13

kind of cool...

the pioneer woman... have you heard of her?  have you read her real-life whirlwind cowboy romance story? have you checked out her blog? she's kind of awesome.  and i kind of want her life.  but anyways.

the pioneer woman often hosts reader-submitted themed photo contests.  this week's theme is mobile phone photos.  since i like to snap pics on my iphone and run 'em through instagram, i thought i would submit a photo, just for fun.

guess what? she included my photo in her first group of reader submissions! (visit link here: scroll down, 23rd photo, submitted by "Katie, TX"... it's the same photo found at the top left of my blog header)

pretty cool, right? i thought it was cool... :)

(for julie: "do you think it's 'cause we're awesome? i think it's 'cause we're awesome.")

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