Saturday, June 25

The Harry Potter Challenge

Almost all of my siblings share my love of reading.  I followed in my older sisters footsteps and devoured The Baby-sitters Club books way back when.  Sister Julie and I bonded over Twilight.  Brother Jason and I, though, we bonded over Harry Potter.  I can still remember the two of us piling in my car and driving to Wal-mart in our pajamas, eagerly awaiting the stroke of midnight.  With our newly-purchased books in hand, we raced back home to begin reading, getting upset if one of us read faster than the other.  Some of my favorite memories of our younger selves include reading Harry Potter together.

Jason and I were talking on the phone a couple of days ago, sharing in our excitement of the upcoming release of the final Harry Potter movie (July 15!!!) and we both agreed that a kamikaze reading of all 7 novels and a viewing of all 7 movies is necessary preparation for the final installment of this epic series.  So like any good sister/brother agreement, we turned it into a challenge.

The Harry Potter Challenge
Begins at 12:00 AM on Monday, June 27
Ends at 12:00 AM on Friday, July 15
Read all 7 Harry Potter novels: 4,100 pages
Watch all 7 Harry Potter films: 1,049 minutes (approx. 18 hours)
First person to read/watch all 7 novels/films wins eternal glory and endless bragging rights

As we were talking about our kamikaze challenge, Jason reminded me: "You know I do nothing all day, right?"  At which point, I reminded him: "You know I do nothing all day, too, right?"  So giving ourselves 3 weeks to complete this challenge is probably way too much time, but we are both committed.  Jason, you are going down!

I extend the challenge to all Wizards and Muggles!  Eternal glory and endless bragging rights - how can you say no to that?!


  1. I'm in. :) But I won't win. I have way too much to do! I fully expect to be able to read the books though.

  2. Finished the first book this morning - I'm already winning :) (okay, so I obviously started BEFORE I saw this post, but I have work and school, so there's no way I'll actually beat ya!:)