Saturday, June 4

fun with jason!

jason - one of my favorite brothers - hung around in austin after graduation to help with the big move.  i don't know what i would have done without him.  he cheerfully did all of the heavy lifting and provided me with some much needed comic relief.
jason and i get along really well.  love him whole bunches.

(deflating my exercise ball)

(sonic happy hour and discovering baconnaise at kroger's)

(we went to kung fu panda 2 last friday - so, so funny! just as awesome as the first movie, i highly recommend it for all ages.)

(rangers v. royals - a beautiful night at the ballpark. also helped by the fact that the rangers won 10-1.)

thank you, thank you, jason, for helping me move, for making me laugh and for being my brother.

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  1. Yeah, you have a nice brother. I liked him a lot! What a nice bunch of people you Romneys are! :)