Tuesday, May 31

miss you.

dear blog:

it's been a busy couple of weeks, which means i've neglected you.  please forgive me.  i didn't realize how much i enjoyed spending time with you until i didn't.  it has just occurred to me that i need to visit with you on a regular (ie: daily) basis in order to organize my thoughts, document important events, remember funny stories, and maintain an acceptable level of sanity.

unfortunately, i'm still really busy - half of my life is still packed away in boxes, searching for full-time employment is slowly sending me over the edge, the to-do list is turning into a to-do epistle, it's crunch time for ragnar training... and you know how much i love you, "but i've got my country's 500th anniversary to plan, my wedding to arrange, my wife to murder and guilder to frame for it. i'm swamped!"

so, my dearest blog, please know that you are always in my thoughts.  just the other day, jason and i were having a hilarious conversation about which sibling is the most high maintenance - i vehemently denied being high maintenance, he not-so-respectfully disagreed... at which point he came up with a scale of where each sibling fit according to the level of maintenance required (sorry, jen, you were quite high on the scale) - and i thought to myself, "the blog would love this story!"  but then life got in the way and i never got around to telling you about the conversation and adding my own philosophical opinions on the matter.  i might still tell you all about it, but not right now.  i've really got to go and do... stuff.  lots and lots of stuff.

miss you,
the blogger

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