Monday, April 18

"I have the power!"

I'm sure my therapist could have a field-day with this, but one of my favorite things about being a teacher is the power I have as the authority figure in the room.

No, you may not talk right now.
Yes, you can go to the office.
No, you may not get a laptop out.
Yes, you can go to the bathroom.
No, no talking.
Yes, that is what that means.
No, there is no homework tonight.
Yes, that assignment is due today.

There is something about having the ability to definitively say yes or no to a student that just makes me so happy.  And they listen, too!  Well, they listen most of the time.  Almost always.

For the times when they don't respect my authority-figure status (which usually involves the whole "please stop talking" bit), my cooperating teacher taught me a fun trick: in your best stern teacher voice, tell them that they have been SILENCED.  I have found it to be very effective.  And quite the power-trip.

Mmmmm.  Power.  I love it.

Classic.  Love it.

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