Tuesday, March 15

cartwheels & airplanes & some other stuff

spring break has officially begun!  i road-tripped it home to big d yesterday, and every time i make that 3 hour drive north on i-35 i realize how much i love going home.  i'm looking forward to a week of sleeping in and wearing as little make-up as possible.  oh, and chopping off my hair and returning to my blonde-highlighted roots.  more on that later.

this morning, during my 4.5 mile workout at the track, katy perry's firework started playing on my ipod shuffle... and i had the overwhelming urge to do a cartwheel.  that's right, a cartwheel.  the last time i did a cartwheel was for 7th-grade cheerleader tryouts (shocker, i know - i am the farthest thing from a cheerleader), and even then what i did could hardly be described as a cartwheel.  i would have been a disgrace to the mini-skirted uniform, so it's probably a good thing i failed miserably at (one of) my (many) juvenile attempt(s) to be popular.  anyways.  back to this morning.  maybe it was the gorgeous blue sky, or the brisk morning air, or the endorphine-induced runner's high, or the make-you-wanna-jump-up-and-dance music... but i wanted to do a cartwheel.  and for about 30 seconds, i was actually considering throwing caution to the slightly-breezy wind and just going for it.  no one else was around, i was the only person on the track.  the football field's soft grass was literally two feet away.  but then i realized that if i were to attempt to do a cartwheel with no else around, then there would be no one around to drive me to the hospital after i inevitably broke something - a collarbone, an arm, a leg, an ankle.  i tend to hyperbole, yes, but i didn't want to take the risk right then.  we'll see if i'm in the mood to tempt fate tomorrow.

my hometown is located approximately 10 miles from the airport.  while at the track this morning i lost count at 15 airplanes flying overhead, making their final descent into d/fw.  this is one of my favorite things about home - watching the planes fly in and out.  for some reason it just feels so quintessentially american.  i was half-tempted to wave at the passengers who no doubt were watching the ground rise up to meet them, that's how low the planes were flying.  but i didn't.  i simply relished the view of the DC-10s coming in for a smooth landing.  and if we pretend that airplanes in the (day) sky are like shooting stars... then i would have had a lot of wishes this morning.  and i could really use a wish right now, a wish right now, a wish right now.

during my cool down laps, my new favorite song came up on the ipod shuffle.  as has been previously mentioned, there was no else at the track... so i took a deep breath, and at the top of my lungs, i let it loose:
"i'm about to lose my mind
you've been gone for so long
i'm running out of time
i need a doctor
call me a doctor
i need a doctor, doctor
to bring me back to life."
at which point i realized that yelling "i need a doctor" might be misinterpreted by the neighbors.  so i reigned it in and continued with my cool down in silence.

just as i was leaving the track, a walker showed up and preceded to walk around the track clockwise.  or rather, in the wrong direction.  backwards.  what is it with people who do that?  don't they know that you go counter-clockwise around a track?  do they have issues with turning left?  do they think it's cool to walk in the opposite direction than everyone else?  do i spend way too much time and energy worrying about this?

in the middle of writing this post, my phone rang.  it was my mother.  she was calling me from her room.  downstairs.  and i'm in my room.  upstairs.  yeah.  that just happened.

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