Monday, February 14

Sack Lunches & Valentines

I made a sack lunch this morning.  Not just a "throw whatever snacks I have in the pantry in a bag and rush out the door," but a real sack lunch.  With tupperware.  There was a caprese salad, crackers and hummus, strawberries and yogurt.  It was a good sack lunch.  And as I put my sack lunch in the teacher's lounge's refrigerator on my first day of student teaching, it made me smile.

My cooperating teacher (CT) is an advisor for the Student Leadership class (aka Student Council, aka StuCo).  During today's class, they had a little Valentine's Day party, complete with food and homemade valentines.  At the encouragement of the students, I made my own Valentine's box.  Throughout the class period, various students came by my desk and dropped cards and candy into my box.  The students had just met me.  And they gave me valentines.  It made me smile.


  1. Oh, man! That's great! Valentines on your first day!

    You'll have to tell me all about your week later, K? I hope the rest of it is as good as today was!

  2. I've been making cute teacher lunches too! We should exchange cute teacher lunch ideas. I love the valentines! That's so sweet!

    Can you believe we are here at last?!