Sunday, October 17

the weekend.

3-hour drive home to dallas. yay.
fireside with the byu football team on friday night. yay.
who knew the byu footballers were so incredibly handsome? yay.
rangers lost on friday night. boo.
brother jason came home for the weekend, too. yay.
much-needed hair appointment. yay.
byu lost on saturday. boo.
rangers won on saturday. yay.
longhorns won on saturday. yay.
family dinner at la hacienda ranch. yay.
movie with friends on saturday night. yay.
church at 8:30 in the am. boo.
nice chat with JL after church. yay.
afternoon of nfl with RP and TM. yay.
3-hour drive back to austin (really tired). boo.
this lyric: "it's not the chase that i love, it's me following you." yay.
messy apartment. boo.
super-busy week ahead. boo.
hope for good things to happen. yay.
bedtime. yay.

yay = 14
boo = 6

weekend conclusion?  yay.

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