Friday, October 8

Katie in the Kitchen...

Invited some friends over tonight to watch Beauty and the Beast.

Made cupcakes, a veggie pizza, and a bacon + cheese dip (yummy recipe from Sister Jen).

For some reason, I can't fry bacon properly.  It always ends badly.  This time, the fire alarm went off because of all the smoke.  And then the bacon grease spilled onto the stove.  Which then erupted into flames.  So while the alarm located on the ten-foot ceiling is blaring, the apartment is filling with smoke, and the flames are rising higher on the stove... so I just started laughing.  And then I started freaking out.  How do you put out a grease fire?!  I quickly found the baking soda and dumped half the box onto the stove.  Doors and windows were opened.  Broke out the step ladder and started banging on the alarm with a wooden spoon.

The smoke cleared, the alarm finally stopped, and the flames were extinguished.

And the dip turned out great.

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