Monday, October 4

"I'm gonna make you SMILE!"

This is my sister, Julie.

We share a birthday (exactly 8 years apart).
She lives in Los Angeles.
She attends Otis College of Art and Design.
I flew to LA this past weekend to spend some quality time with my favorite younger sister.
Whenever we get together, our voices go up about four octaves.
Julie likes what I like: books, movies, music.
We both like to sing.  A lot.
We both like to laugh.  A lot.
We both like to quote movie lines.  A lot.
We get along really well.  Really, really well.

Julie lets Roary drive sometimes.

Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair.  It's a tradition.  Plus, we love art fairs. And jewelry. And food. We loooove food.

According the time stamps on these photos, we ate this funnel cake in 4 minutes.  It was delicious.

Life's a beach.

Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica. One of my favorite places in Cali.

A visit to our favorite store: Anthropologie.

After a yummy dinner at Sushi Roku, we stopped by the Los Angeles Temple and the newly-opened Visitor's Center.
The new center is incredible!  If you are in the LA area, make sure you take time to go through it.

Found this mug at Ye Olde English Shoppe. And it pretty much describes Julie to a T.

After General Conference on Sunday, we took a drive up the coast.  And took a walk on the beach.  We love the beach.

Like I said, we like to laugh.
So, for my favorite younger sister:
"Don't mock the box!"
"And it's set in Sweetzerland!" "Exotic Switzerland!" "India! It's set in India!"
"I'm gonna make you SMILE!"

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