Thursday, September 23

POW: "Go West"

This weekend I'll be heading to Happy Valley.  Next weekend I'll be heading to the City of Angels.

Naturally, I need some travelin' tunes.

  1. I'm Going Down, Genevieve
  2. Please Just Take These Photos From My Hands, Snow Patrol
  3. Mystery of You, Red
  4. Through Smoke, Needtobreathe
  5. Save The World (Acoustic), P.T. Walkley
  6. Don't Be So Hard, The Audition
  7. Go, Boys Like Girls
  8. Watch The World, Boxcar Racer
  9. No Matter What, Valora
  10. Later That Year, Straylight Run
  11. Skyfall, Neve
  12. Something New, The Airborne Toxic Event
  13. Lonely for Her, Jack's Mannequin
  14. Bright Energy, Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights
  15. With You In My Head, UNKLE feat. The Black Angels
  16. The Shape of You, Jewel
  17. Slipping Away, Trust Company
  18. Made for You, OneRepublic
  19. Divide And Conquer, Story Of The Year
  20. I Don't Wanna Dance, Hey Monday

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