Sunday, August 8

My Other Halves

Today is J&R's birthday.

Five years ago, the three of us were randomly put together as roommates (rather, I was the random one because they were obviously a package deal, being twins). I soon realized that they are pretty much the two halves of my one personality. So yeah, we became really good friends.  And then we became best friends.  And then I realized that my life would be cold, sad and empty without them.  And then I started getting all emotional, sharing my feelings.  And then Rachel got really uncomfortable.  And then Joanna eased the awkwardness with a witty retort.  And then we went to Bajio's.  And then we had a TV on DVD marathon.  And then we jumped in my truck at 10:00 on a Saturday night and took road trip through the canyon, sharing our deep, dark secrets.
And we've never looked back.

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Other Halves.
I love you both more than words can say.

(email exchange on Friday, Dec. 1, 2006. J&R are at work at The NuSkin, and I'm at work at the MTC. Just one example of why I love these girls so much.)

Hey. It's Friday. Who else is pumped? I am.

Oh yeah. I am freezing here at work. Mindy and I kept quoting The Office this morning, especially the "Prison Mike" part. heh heh

Hey there girlies!  I got Bones in the mail yesterday!  Whoohoo! 

Did your Dad make it into town alright last night?  Anything fun planned with him while he's here?

I'm going to go track down some breakfast from the vending machine.......


Katie carefully and quietly exits her cubicle, her unsuspecting boss looking the other way. She ponders, as she walks swiftly to the vending machine, what tasty treat would best satisfy her breakfast needs. The change clinks happily in her hand, filled with the knowledge of providing Katie with food.

Katie rounds the corner and is almost to the vending machine when suddenly, some rogue missionaries surround her and start peppering her with questions of the mission. Franticly, Katie looks around for an exit but there is none. Suddenly, a hand reaches down from above, through the ceiling, and she hears a low, husky voice say “Grab my hand”. Green eyes and a serious expression meet her gaze and she realizes that Michael Scoffield, the architect behind the MTC, has come to her rescue. She grabs his hand and he lifts her easily into the rafters above the ceiling. Breakfast is long forgotten as Katie and Michael huddle together above the hordes of missionaries, on the prowl for a contact.



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  1. I remember that morning! I think that set off numerous little stories revolving around tv shows. :) Sniff sniff. I miss those days. Well not working at nu skin but the other stuff.