Sunday, August 1

3 down, 2 to go

  • In my government class this term, we're studying American foreign policy, with an emphasis on humanitarian intervention. So far it has been fascinating and very eye-opening. I started reading Black Hawk Down (a book first before it was a movie) and it is absolutely amazing to think about the amount of research that goes into writing a book like that. Non-fiction is quickly becoming one of my favorite genres.
  • I've done something to my knee.  As in, "ice packs and Ace bandages are my new best friends"-done something to my knee.  Maybe it's a delayed reaction to the 100+ trips up and down two flights of stairs during my move last month. Or maybe it's the result of my slip in the bathroom when I banged my knee on the side of the tub (the next day I had a bruise the size of Kansas - not pretty). Whatever caused the problem, I just really wish it would go away.  I'm thinking a clean amputation should do the trick.
  • Tonight a friend asked me if I've ever posted a workout playlist here on the blog, because, as he explained, his current workout music is just not cuttin' it.  I've never posted one before, but I've definitely made many, many playlists that keep me running and sweating for hours on end. So, K, the offer still stands - tell me your favorite (and least favorite) artists and genres, and I will create a custom playlist just for you. (Not a very viable business proposition, but I've often wondered what it would be like to make playlists for a living. I kind of think I would be awesome at it.)
  • I know of no better way to release tension and stress than listening to really loud music while driving really fast (but always within the legal limit, of course).  My personal favorites: Gifts and Curses (Yellowcard) and MakeD*mnSure (Taking Back Sunday). If I ever lose the ability to hear or speak, it'll be because I've blown both my eardrums and vocal chords from listening (and singing/yelling along) to these songs at maximum volume.
  • The Matrix movies were on TNT tonight. Seriously, it really doesn't get any better than the lobby shoot-out scene. Carrie Anne Moss in her skin-tight patent leather and Keanu Reeves with his endless supply of guns.  I love it.
  • (One of) my awesome brother(s) sent me this link today, and I'm officially giddy with anticipation for May 2011.

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