Sunday, November 22

coming soon...

  • the full update on Leona (aka the november nightmare)
  • my thoughts on new moon, bella, edward, jacob and jacob's abs
  • pics of recent adventures with friends
  • new music (so many good finds)
  • turkey day festivities
  • end-of-semester review
  • ultimate christmas wish list
  • goals for the 6-week break between semesters
  • maybe some political commentary
  • possibly a preview of 2010
  • wow, so that's a lot of stuff to blog about
  • probably won't even get to half of it
  • i really should be getting ready for church
  • so here i go
  • turning off the computer
  • right
  • now
  • ...

1 comment:

  1. Heh heh. I like how you trailed away at the end. That's exactly my thought process.

    Um. So yeah.
    I should go to church too.
    But I miss you and sitting through The Cove church...
    "I'm not really a Sunday School teacher."
    Will that ever get old?