Tuesday, September 22

Life's a Beach...

So just how much fun was Mexico with Melissa?
Well, allow me to explain in the following photo essay...

D/FW airport = fun.
Plane ride = fun.
At the Cancun airport, waiting for the shuttle to take us to the resort in Playa del Carmen.
2 hour van ride to the resort = fun.
Beautiful resort - very large swimming pools, swim-up bars, open buffets, easy access tot he beach, gorgeous flowers, long and winding walkways through natural vegetation... indigenous iguanas roaming freely.
Melissa was on constant Iguana Patrol to protect me from the little devils.
Trolley ride to our "junior suite" = fun
Towel art!
Our daily schedule:
Workout at the gym
Breakfast buffet
Layout by the pool
Lunch buffet
(stop by the bar and get an ice cream cone)
Layout on the beach
Finally take a shower and get ready
Dinner at one of the several themed restaurants
Little television and reading
Wash, rinse, repeat
The book! Mel and I both read an insane amount on this little vacay (I think Melissa read a total of 5 novels). However, the book of the trip was this little gem that Mel found: Finding Paradise by Michele Ashman Bell.
Yes, it's a Mormon chick-lit. Ready for the synopsis?
"Welcome to sunny Cancun. The only problem is Morgan Rose would rather be sitting at home than hanging out with her best friend’s parents in an exotic vacation resort full of couples on romantic getaways. She’s decided to perform her Maid-of Honor duties at Samantha’s wedding and catch the next flight back to her predictable life. Then she meets Justin, the groom’s best man. At first she finds him annoying—cute, but annoying. But soon she realizes that there is much more to this good-looking man than his fun-loving exterior suggests. When their brief time together ends, they promise to keep in touch and, more importantly, to meet again six months later to see if their attraction has any lasting possibilities.
But time has a way of complicating even the most beautiful beginnings, and Morgan will soon be forced to make a difficult decision that could change the course of her life."

I KNOW!!! Ridiculous, right? Sounds so stupid, right? But you would be correct in guessing that it was the best beach-reading book ever written. We had a grand time erupting into laughter every five minutes while reading this winner. I highly recommend it to anyone who is planning a tropical getaway.

The resort had many restaurant to choose from - Brazilian, Mediterranean, Mexican, Asian, Italian.
And yes, I burned my face pretty bad, so I'm a little red in some of these pictures.
zip-lining, repelling, swimming in a cenote, an authentic Mayan lunch, climbing the Mayan ruins in Coba = SO MUCH FUN.
Thank you, Mel, for a wonderful vacation and even more wonderful memories. Love you!

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  1. That looks like so much fun, and you two are so darn cute!!