Monday, August 3

POW: "Secondhand Emotions"

Whether you are feeling happy, sad, mellow, depressed, sleepy, content, calm, outraged.... these songs can help. A lot of these are repeats from other POWs, but that only goes to prove how amazing they are. Recently, this has been my getting-ready-for-bed-and-falling-asleep playlist. Let me know which ones you like!
  1. The Man Who Can't Be Moved, The Script
  2. Lonely Boy, Black Lab
  3. Gravity, Sara Bareilles
  4. Falling In Love At a Coffee Shop, Landon Pigg
  5. Anywhere But Here, SafetySuit
  6. Broken, Lifehouse
  7. All I Want, Ahn Trio
  8. I Can't Decide, There For Tomorrow
  9. Darlin', Between the Trees
  10. Let It Go, Cavo
  11. This Woman's Work, Maxwell
  12. On My Way, Boyce Avenue
  13. She Is Love, Parachute
  14. Burn the Night Away, There For Tomorrow
  15. The Dance, Charlotte Martin
  16. One Man Drinking Games, Mayday Parade

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