Thursday, July 16

Small Dog ≠ Appropriate Accessory

As I was walking into the building where my first class is this morning, I saw something that just made me roll my eyes and then laugh in spite of the ridiculousness of it all. This girl had a small dog in one hand (maybe a Yorkie?) and with the other was holding her shoulder bag open so that she could then stuff the dog in the purse. Again, I just kind of rolled my eyes as I walked by her; and as I was about to open the door I turned around and she was walking toward me, with the small dog now safely tucked inside the purse, with its little head poking out under her arm.

Now I know in certain places in the country (ahem...California), it is quite acceptable to carry your dog around with you all day in your purse/tote/overly-large-shoulder-bag. But come on, people! It's a dog! There is no need to bring it to campus with you! A dog is not a scarf or a headband or a necklace. It is not something you "put on" as you walk out the door. IT'S A DOG. Leave it at home. It will be okay by itself for a couple of hours. Seriously....

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