Sunday, May 31

I caught the where's my prince?

Yesterday was a great day.  My wonderful friend Megan was married in the Dallas Temple, and myself and friends from Dallas and Austin were invited to participate in the festivities of the day.  We went to the Temple in the morning (and then went home and took a nap), went to the luncheon in the afternoon (and then went home and took a nap), and then went to the reception in the evening (and then went home and slept!).

We were all very tired from the day's celebrations... and we weren't even part of the actual wedding party (although Michelle and I declared ourselves the "real" Maids of Honor - funny story!).  Megan looked absolutely beautiful, and she and Marc looked so much in love.  I am so happy for them both and was grateful to be able to share the day with them.

And yes, I caught the bouquet.  So if there are any eligible, young bachelors out there who are interested, apparently I'm next in line...

Mr. and Mrs. Marc Matthews
Marlies (27 days!), Audrei and the Bride
Me and Michelle at the luncheon
The Bride with The Girls: Me, Flor, Desiree, Megan, Marlies, Michelle, Audrei
The Bouquet Toss: Get Ready...
Get Set... (Michelle was ready to tackle anyone who got in her way!)
Apparently the Bouquet Toss was a little more cut-throat than I had imagined.  I got back to our table to discover that I had three scratches on my wrist, one of which was bleeding.  What can I say?  Love hurts...
In the immortal words of Mary Randall:

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  1. The Dallas temple is so lovely - looks like a very fun wedding!