Saturday, February 7

The Economic *WHAT?* Plan...

Really insightful commentary from former Massachusetts governor and former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney (yes, we are related).

(Thanks, Ivy, for posting it on your blog the other day.)

Seriously, people, this is getting a little ridiculous. My current political news/commentary kick that I am on has been extremely educational this week. While I don't understand everything about politics/government/economics, I do know that nothing can justify spending 900 or even 800 BILLION dollars. Where is all of this money coming from?! And where is it going? Politicians are deluding themselves if they think government spending at that rate is going to fix the problem. Reagan said it best: "In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem."

My favorite comment from this past week was President Obama saying that the American people "overwhelmingly voted for change," so therefore the bill that he and the Democrats are pushing is the right one for the people - that the American people want this because they voted for him. Umm, excuse me, but according to my calculations, Mr. President, you won 53% of the vote, compared to McCain's 46%. While this is a clear victory, it is not necessarily a landslide. There are still some 46% of the American people out there that do not agree with your political views and those of your liberal congress.

It's all rather frustrating.

My other favorite comment from this past week: Sean Hannity asked his Great American Panel members what they thought about former Vice President Cheney's comments about possible terrorist attacks in the near future. The liberal lady on the panel shakes her head in disgust and says, "Cheney just needs to go away!" Umm, excuse me, but has Bill Clinton gone away?! Has Al Gore gone away?!?! Yeah. That's what I thought.


  1. hehehe.

    Katie, please keep going on your political rants. I rather enjoy them!

    (And I agree wholeheartedly.)

  2. Oh man, this bailout package makes me sick. I really can't believe that anyone thinks that's the solution.