Saturday, January 10

"And as I start to run, I stop to breathe..."

Whenever a new year starts I always have to ask myself, "What did I do with my life last year? What did I accomplish?" Sometimes it's hard to remember what happened and if I did anything of significance. At the beginning of last year I made a list of ten areas in which I wanted to improve, and while I did not go 10 for 10, I think 2008 was a successful year in terms of improvement and changes.

I started last year in a very bad place, both physically and emotionally, so my accomplishments are of a more personal nature. I am grateful for the support of family, friends and Heavenly Father for helping me get through the year. Here's a quick overview of the things I accomplished/did in 2008:

  • Completed a 6-month internship with Fleishman-Hillard Los Angeles
  • Officially graduated from BYU with a bachelor's degree in Public Relations
  • Moved out of sunny California to my home-sweet-home in Texas
  • Traveled to Europe with two of my sisters (a trip we had been planning for six months)
  • Had grand bookstore adventures as a bookseller at the best bookstore on the planet
  • Made the decision to go back to school to study English Teaching
  • Was accepted as an undergrad transfer student at The University of Texas at Austin
  • Moved from Dallas to Austin (with the help of The Romney Family Movers, Inc.)
  • Lost 20 lbs. from exercising and eating more healthy

And in the lives of my family and friends:

  • Grandpa Layton passed away in March, leaving Grandma Layton as my last living grandparent
  • Brother Jason left on his mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to serve in the Eugene Oregon Mission
  • Sister Julie graduated from Carroll Senior High School and started her first year at BYU
  • Best Friend Joanna returned home from serving in the Las Vegas Nevada Mission
  • Best Friend Rachel started her first year of nursing school
  • Nephews Ethan and Milo got even more adorable every time I saw them

And finally, here are some of the more random things I did this year:

  • Traveled to the following cities: St. George, San Francisco, Provo, London, Paris, Los Angeles, Portland, Austin
  • Experienced my first pioneer trek reenactment
  • Sprained my ankle while vacationing in Europe
  • Bought a new Toyota Tacoma truck (Leona!)
  • Finished my first needlepoint project (it only took me eight years)
  • Added 891 new songs to my iTunes music library
  • Read well over 100 books (didn't keep track, but believe me - I read A LOT)
  • Won't even try to count how many movies I saw
  • And I don't even want to think about how many hours I spent watching full TV seasons on DVD

So that's 2008! It was great! Now moving on...


  1. The infamous needlepoint is done?!? Heh heh.

  2. Katie! Way to go! That list is quite impressive. I'm proud of you. :)

  3. Nice recap! Maybe I'll see you at the UT institute sometime!