Sunday, December 14

Maybe you had to be there...

...but here are some funny things that I have heard people say in the past month:

  • "I should write a book about the stupid things that people do." (said by a customer to her friend while browsing the bargain section)

  • "I immediately wrote her off as monumentally uninteresting." (said by a co-worker referring to a customer)

  • "I think I'm dying." (said by my mother)

  • "I've read it, like, eleven times!" (said by a tween customer referring to Twilight)

  • "For the record, I did not reciprocate the spoon." (said by a friend referring awkward situation)

  • "Demon children." (said by one of my managers referring to a group of rowdy teenagers)

1 comment:

  1. I love the monumentally uninteresting one. :) "Most of these girls can't speak in complete sentences."