Thursday, November 6

My Bookstore Romance...

So the Reader has come into the bookstore for the past two days in a read. And, man, does he look fine. And guess what books he has been reading?! That's right, Twilight. The guy has been reading the Twilight books for the past week. He finished New Moon a couple of days ago and I think he is just about finished now with Eclipse (is it weird that I know all that?). Sigh. Anyways, the point is he has come into the store almost every day for the past week and he stays for HOURS at a time. Just to read. And to see me, of course.

Actually, today we made some progress. When he came to the top of the escalator after first coming into the store, we made eye contact and I swear there was a semblance of a smile on his face. True story. It was great.

I've decided, though, that his name is Chase. He looks like a Chase. I wonder, however, what Chase does when he's not at the bookstore. I mean, he's in there for a good four or five hours during the middle of the day. Does he work? Where? And for some reason he's always in gym clothes. Why? Where does he live? At the gym, maybe? And not that I have a problem with him reading Twilight (I think it's great!), but what made him want to read those books? Did he lose a bet? Was it at the suggestion of a girlfriend (or rather, an EX-girlfriend, since him and I are going to end up together at the end of the story)?

Double sigh. He just needs to get over his shyness and talk to me already. I already know how our entire relationship is going to go, so he really has nothing to worry about.

(DISCLAIMER: I am not crazy (maybe a little crazy), nor am I a stalker (okay, maybe a little bit of a stalker). I just have a very overactive romantic imagination that can kind of take on a life of its own. As soon as I have some real time, I might actually make all of this into a real story...)

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  1. i need to read your blog more often..its very interesting :)

    so first of all, LOVE the music video! its going to be so much fun to see the movie. Secondly, im very much for Mr. Reader, he sounds very attractive. and i want some details on his tattoo...where is it and what does it look like?! :D (i would have said thing instead of tattoo but that just made me uncomfortable.)