Sunday, October 19

Obsession of the Month...

I love "discovering" new artists and I can honestly say that I have never been so obsessed with an artist as much as I am currently obsessed with Mayday Parade (with the possible exception of when I "discovered" Breaking Benjamin (my all-time favorite band)). Their album "A Lesson In Romantics" is AMAZING. If you actually sit down and listen to the lyrics, they are so poetic and beautiful, it almost brings you to tears.


Track 1 - Jamie All Over

  • "And please don't tell me that I'm dreaming / When all I ever wanted was to dream another sunset with you / If I roll over when it's over / I'll take this Cali sunrise with me / And wake up with the fondest memories"

Track 2 - Black Cat

  • "Oh close up camera two / Cause the hero dies in this scene / Your inspiration is the loss of absolutely everything / And flashback on the girl / As we montage every memory / And we bleed out in the bathroom sink / And we fade out as the soundtrack sings"

Track 3 - When I Get Home You're So Dead

  • "Cause baby you weren't the first or the last or the worst / And I've got to fill the blanks in the past with a verse / And we could sit around and cry but frankly your not worth it anymore"

Track 4 - Jersey

  • "Let's write a song that we can sing to / And you can lead the choir / And put the hook where it hurts most / And you threw a spark that lit the candle / That set us all on fire / And sent a flame down the east coast"

Track 5 - If You Wanted a Song Written About You, All You Had to Do Was Ask

  • "And you dropped the note and we changed key / You changed yourself and I changed me / I really didn't see us singing through this / Then you screamed the bridge and I cried the verse / And our chorus came out unrehearsed / And you smiled the whole way through it / I guess maybe that's what's worse"

Track 6 - Miserable At Best

  • "And this will be the first time in a week / That I'll talk to you / And I can't speak / It's been three whole days since I've had sleep / Because I dream of his lips on your cheek / And I got the point that I should leave you alone / But we both know that I'm not that strong / And I miss the lips that made me fly"

Track 7 - Walk on Water or Drown

  • "You got here just in time to let me know I was worth saving / If nothing more than for the heart / Too proud to breathe but I'm too scared to say the things worth saying / Who knew this trip would be this hard? / As I'm looking to the sky to count the stars / I wonder if you see them where you are / I'm down on both my knees and pray tomorrow brings no pain"

Track 8 - Ocean and Atlantic

  • "So I will run / Until my feet don't touch the ground / And as the waves carry me out / Keep listening / She'll never make a sound / So keep it coming and the details quiet / She's like the girl that keeps you up all night / And she'll be a secret you can keep / Keep me, keep me"

Track 9 - I'd Hate to Be You When People Find Out What This Song Is About

  • "I could only sing you sad songs / And you could sing along / And you could see the melody / That's been calling out your wrongs / And this never will be right with me / And now you're trying to desperately / But I'm tongue tied and terrified of what Ill say / But I never told you everything / I'm losing hope and fading dreams / And every single memory along the way"

Track 10 - Take This to Heart

  • "But I can't tell you what I don't know / (Be mine tonight, be mine tonight) / The simple things, they make my heart go / (Be mine tonight, be mine tonight) / But I can't tell you what I don't know / You'll have to wait, you'll have to wait / Stay strong / And let me know that you'll be here while I am gone / Because I'm coming home / Coming home tonight / Let's get this right / I said I'm coming home / Coming home tonight / One more night / And we'll go spinning around the room / It starts with our hearts on fire / Cause every song is ours tonight / And if you help me sing / I'm gonna tell the whole world / That it's greatest thing that happened to me / I finally found a good reason to come home"

Track 11 - Champagne's for Celebrating (I'll Have a Martini)

  • "And she sings 'She'll be my tourniquet' / As the record on my stereo plays her favorite song for two whole days / And the drag stretched out for miles and miles / And what she'd give for one more smile / And how she hoped he missed her / Cause, man, she missed how he would kiss her"

Track 12 - You Be the Anchor That Keeps My Feet On the Ground, I'll Be the Wings That Keep Your Heart In the Clouds

  • "And honestly, I have been begging for answers / That you and only you can give to me / A voice crying loud / I've been crying for days now / And as I start to run, I stop to breathe / (And I was nearly scared to death) And I was nearly scared to death / (Why you left in paragraphs) Why you left in paragraphs / (The words were nearly over us) The words were nearly over us / You stop and turn and grab your bags.../...So let me think of how to word it / Is it too soon to say 'perfect'? / If I could find another thirty minutes somewhere / I'm sure everything would find me / All that's left is just to sing.../...Tell me once again / That you'll love me to the death / And should I die, you swear that you will come for me / As I fade away, you reach out your hand / (And please don't let me go) And please don't let me go / (And please don't let me go) And please don't let me go"

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