Thursday, June 28

I'm okay...

Just thought I should clarify...I was able to finish my project on time and I did not go crazy!

Can't even begin to describe how good it feels to have my capstone class over and done with. It makes me a little sad - I'm completely done with all of my PR classes. However, I am glad to have it behind me and excited for the next step (not sure what the next step is...)

Here's a recap of that stressful week...

Monday 6/11: Worked on tactics for campaign 10am - 2pm; class from 2pm - 7pm; more work on tactics and the final book 8pm - 12am.

Tuesday 6/12: Met with group and worked on final presentation and final book 9am - 4pm; more work on final book (plus other homework) 8pm - 4am.

Wednesday 6/13: Met with group and worked on final presentation and final book 9am - 2pm; class from 2pm - 7pm; worked on final book 8pm - 2am; took final book to printers 2am - 3am ($230 later...)

Thursday 6/14: Final presentation for client (LDS Family Services) 9am - 11am; went home and crashed on the couch 12pm - 8pm.

Whew! It makes me tired just remembering it! Our group's final book turned out to be almost 200 pages - 200 pages of text, charts and graphs that I imported and formatted in InDesign. All of our hard work paid off in the end...our account won Best Campaign from the client! Whoohoo! I seem to remember some scripture that says something along the lines of "after much tribulation cometh the blessings...."

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  1. Love the play-by-play! I'm soooo glad our capstone is DONE! yaaaay